9 Tips For Moisturizing Your Feet


McDermott Footcare nursing foot care clients enjoy a moisturizing foot rub as part of our services. The reasons are two-fold: a foot rub is a soothing finish to excellent quality nursing foot care and it is a good opportunity to give the feet some much-needed moisture.

Skin is an important barrier that prevents infections in the body. Skin that is dry is more prone to itchiness, rashes and infection. Extremely dry skin, especially in the heel area, can develop painful cracks called fissures. These fissures are susceptible to bleeding and becoming infected.

Dry skin is also more prone to developing painful calluses.

For these reasons, moisturizing the feet is very important. Here are 9 tips for adding much needed moisture to the skin:

1) Wash feet daily with a mild soap and warm water.

2) While feet are still damp use a pumice stone to gently scrub areas that are dry and flaky, especially the heels and callused areas.

3) Dry the feet and immediately apply moisturizer. For moderately dry skin, a regular moisturizer is effective. For extremely dry skin, including skin that has cracks (fissures), use an extra rich moisturizer that contains urea. These moisturizers are available over-the-counter in well-stocked drug stores and department stores.

4) Do not apply moisturizer between the toes. Excess moisture that builds up between the toes encourages the development of athlete’s foot fungal infection.

5) Soaking the feet once to three times a week in a solution of 1/4 cup white vinegar in a shallow basin of lukewarm water helps to improve the condition of the skin. Soak for only 10 -15 minutes since soaking for long periods dries out the skin. Apply moisturizer after towel drying.

6) For an effective night treatment try this: apply a rich emollient moisturizer to your feet and put on breathable cotton socks. The heat from the socks will help skin soak in the moisture.

7) For people who have difficulty reaching the feet, try this trick: put some moisturizer on a plate or other suitable tray. Move your feet around the plate or tray being careful to rub the moisturizing cream into the feet. Step on a towel and gently blot your feet to wipe off excess cream.

8) Alternatively, apply moisturizer to feet using a long-handled paint brush. Wipe off excess cream.

9) Ask your certified foot care nurse to recommend an effective moisturizer.

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My Rant About Men and Their Feet

Disclaimer:  This is not a sexist rant.  I like men.  I married one.  I have sons.  Their feet are pretty good – they have no choice.  Some of my favourite people are men.  But…..

I’m a foot care nurse.  I look after alot of feet.  I really like my job.  I’m not picking on the guys.   We women have our own issues (read my high heels blog).  But men, really?  We need to talk.

  • You know those favourite shoes of yours – the ones you’ve had for 10 years or more?  Throw.  Them.  Out.  Now.  Get over it.  Before you buy new shoes, read my page on Socks and Shoes.
  • Stop tying knots all over those shoelaces that keep breaking.  Get new ones.
  • “These shoes were a great deal” is not a reason to keep wearing shoes that are way too big for you.  Again, read my page on Socks and Shoes.
  • Those cutters that electricians use to cut electrical wire?  They’re for electrical wire, not toenails.  (I’m not making this up)
  •  Same goes for the sander in your tool box.  Why are you using it for your dry heels and calluses??
  • Ingrown nails need to be dealt with before they become inflamed and infected.
  • Regarding those over-the-counter wart and callus removers – more is not better.  That’s why you’ve given yourself an acid burn and peeled off 3 layers of skin.
  • When drying yourself after a shower or bath, the towel needs to go lower than your knees.  Bacteria and fungus (athlete’s foot) breed in warm moist places like between your toes.
  • Moisturizer is not just for women.  Use it so your heels don’t look like baked, cracked clay.  If you don’t want to smell like a spring meadow, there are unscented ones.
  • Didn’t your mother ever tell you that socks need to be changed every day?  Gentlemen, this is not how to take a girl’s breath away.
  • It’s OK to have the foot care nurse look after your feet.  Don’t wait ’til your wife and/or daughter yells at you.  If you don’t have a wife/daughter, don’t wait ’til your feet are yelling at you.

I’m not saying that all men are hard on their feet, but this is some of what I see in my practice.  Regardless of gender, we all need to be kind to our feet.

To that end, stay tuned for McDermott Footcare Productions Definitely-Not-Ready-For-Primetime vlog on caring for winter weary feet.

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