Cleaning Foot Care Instruments

At McDermott Footcare, due diligence is upheld when cleaning and sterilizing foot care instruments.  The revised (2010) Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care document entitled Best Practices for Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization of Medical Equipment/Devices is the standard used.  The Ministry requires that all foot care instruments must be sterilized by autoclave.  McDermott Footcare follows this requirement.  Before hiring a foot care nurse, always ask if they follow the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care guideline of sterilizing by autoclave.

Nursing foot care is a clean procedure; therefore, the work surface has to be clean.  The instruments used are required to be sterile.

Each client of McDermott Footcare can rest assured that the set of instruments used for their foot care has not been used on anyone else that day.  As well, each set of instruments has been sterilized using the following procedure:

  • instruments are first soaked for the required time in a chemosterilant solution for high level disinfection
  • after soaking in the chemosterilant solution, instruments are rinsed, dried and sterilized in an autoclave
  • autoclaving  guarantees maximum sterilization
  • bi-weekly spore checks make sure that the autoclave is operating properly and all instruments are thoroughly sterilized

Our service technician, Peter Morris, of MR Dental Service, keeps our autoclave in tiptop condition and supplies our spore test equipment.

At McDermott Footcare, we go above and beyond the Best Practice standards outlined by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care.  It is not necessary to soak the instruments in a chemosterilant before autoclave sterilization.  Soaking is an extra, precautionary step.   However, chemosterilant soaking followed by autoclave sterilization guarantees that the instruments used on McDermott Footcare clients are always properly sterilized.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning Foot Care Instruments

    • Yes, that’s exactly what it means. After each use, instruments are sterilized by autoclave. Those are the requirements of the Ministry of Health and Long-term care and the only way to ensure that all my instruments are properly sterilized.

    • Thanks for your question, Lisa. I’m not familiar with how other autoclaves work but mine allows me to use a sterilization pouch, which I find convenient to ensure sterility and ease of packing for work. I suppose you could put them in loosely but then you’d have to make sure you can keep them clean once you remove them from the autoclave.

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