Thank you McDermott Footcare for the wonderful work you did with my father. With his feet needing special care because of his diabetes, you certainly came through and made them healthy again.
With highest regards,
Tom K

McDermott Footcare was able to provide me with a diagnosis and recommendation for treatment immediately. The nurse was professional, thoughtful and considerate, and I was thankful to have answers and treatment for a problem which had bothered me for years. I recommend McDermott Footcare to everyone.
Judith J., Toronto

Thank you!  Mom was thrilled with your visit.  She’s excited to see you again.  I truly appreciate it!

After just two visits by McDermott Footcare, my uncle’s feet have improved greatly, to the point that he has become more mobile. In fact, he is much more interested in getting up and going out of the house now. This has helped his general outlook, despite his COPD and diabetes and the general depression that had developed. He has regained his positive attitude to life!  He found Terry very knowledgable and personable. Her work is much appreciated and we hope that it will continue.  Thank you!

Terry, your footcare and nail services are exceptional! Your passion for your work, dedication, and desire to educate patients is extraordinary.

I saw your ad in the church bulletin about in home footcare and contacted you to learn more. You explained the process well and although my father was reluctant to have someone tend to these “personal” needs – he was open to trying it – but just once. He now looks forward to your visits! You have provided great educational tips for diabetes and recommended the purchase of compression socks for his swollen legs which have noticeably helped. Recently, you suggested that he consult with his doctor – without your insight he would not have taken action – thank you!

You are a true professional. I highly recommend your services to anyone.

Maureen McCabe, Marketer


Many thanks for the wonderful care and attention you gave to my mother – she so appreciated the extra time you spent with her. She speaks so highly of you. She also enjoyed your company – a huge thank you!!

Judy F.





One thought on “Testimonials

  1. This is a very informative, thorough and professionally written piece. It is great to see that footcare can be taken to the individual’s home either out of necessity or comfort.

    Thank you for providing this service and I will definitely pass this information along.

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